Frequently Asked Questions

Having troubles? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions as well as some helpful tips for navigating our website. Still not finding what you need? Contact us at (573)-364-1759.

Online Booking: I haven't received confirmation of my appointment.

If you haven't received confirmation of your appointment request then it's likely the request did not go through. Remember our online booking is a request for an appointment only. It does not guarantee that the appointment you requested is confirmed. If you have not received confirmation of your appointment time either by email or phone then you may contact us at (573)-364-1759.


Online Booking: How do I book multiple services for myself?

You can request up to 3 services with our online booking system. If the services you are looking for will be with multiple employee's (example: Facial & Massage) we recommend you select "First Available" for the employee. After selecting your services, click on the date you wish to come in then click "Get Appointment Times". The online booking service will even tell you when your appointments will end making it easy to line up your appointments without over lapping.

Online Booking: How do I book for multiple people?


If you are looking to book appointments for 2 or more people, we recommend you call us rather than use our online booking system. This is especially true if you are looking to book for multiple services.

First Time Massage/Facial: Should I come early?

For your first time (or if you haven't been in for awhile) we do recommend you come early, at least 10-15 minutes, to start the intake process.  For your convenience we have made it possible for you to download & print the forms needed at home. You can find the necessary forms for massages & facials on their respective pages: Bodywork for massages & Skin Therapy for facials.

First Time Massage/Facial: What should I wear?

There is no special dress code for getting a massage or facial. For a proper massage or facial, it is recommended that you undress to where you are comfortable. In a facial, we usually ask that you disrobe from the waist up & provide you with a robe to wear during this service. For massage, it is recommnended you undress completely to allow better access for the therapist to provide you with a relaxing & flowing massage. You will be covered by sheets & a blanket except for the area the therapist works on (example: To work on the back the therapist will will drape the sheets to your low back).

Massage: Is there any reason why I can't get a massage?

There are cases where you cannot not have a massage. Fever, nausea, dizziness, severe sunburn, rashes, recent trauma, accident, or major surgery are the most common reasons for why you might not be able to get a massage. There are also some medical conditions that can contraindicate you for massage. If you are unsure about whether you can receive massage you may contact us before your appointment or your doctor to verify that massage is right for you. If you have already checked with your doctor & he/she has approved you for massage it is asked that you bring in a signed document from your doctor stating such.

Facial: Is there any reason why I can't get a facial?

Besides active cold sores, facial surgery, fever & sunburns there are some reasons that would prevent you from having a facial. If you are on Retin - A or Tretinion you must stop using it 3 days prior to your appointment. If you have had facial waxing you should wait 24 hours before having a facial. For anyone who has had Botox filler or Juvederm you must wait 2 weeks before having a facial.

Massage: Can I request male or female for my massage?

You are always welcome to specify your preferrence for a male or female therapist although one may not be available at the time you request. We will do our very best to accommodate you so that you are comfortable & enjoy a relaxing environment. At this

Massage/Facial: Can I talk during my massage/facial?

You are more than welcome to talk during your service although we ask that you be aware of the volume at which you speak in respect to other customers getting services. If you don't feel like talking or wish to request as little conversation as possible, then feel free to do so. We wish to make you as relaxed & comfortable as possible.